We were flying from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles to visit Candice's family.  I suspected that Candice knew I would propose in California, so I had something else in mind... a mid-air proposal.

I had thought of all contingencies.  What if I was subject to extra screening (should I wear an FBI T-Shirt?  No, I can't propose in a T-Shirt).  What if they inspected my bag where the ring was hidden (I would ask for a personal pat down.  Body cavity search...  Yikes, I certainly hope not!).  How can I talk to the flight attendants without raising suspicion (I would explain to Candice that one of them is a client of mine since I have many who are Jet Blue employees through their legal plan).  Yes, I had thought of everything...

As we were en route, I went to the back of the plane to speak to the flight attendants.  As I returned to my seat, the flight attendant announced as planned, "Attention passengers, here at Jet Blue we are pleased to let you know that if you get engaged on this flight, you will receive free wine."  From ten rows back, I shouted to the flight attendant, "I'll do it.  I'll get engaged.  I want free wine."  Seconds later I arrived at the seat and said, "Honey, did you hear that?  If we get engaged on the flight, we get free champagne."  Now, keep in mind, the whole plane heard what was happening.  A little girl was even standing nearby with my iPhone in hand and the flight attendants were approaching to hear Candice's response.  And for the momentous occasion, Candice removed her ear buds and responded ... "Huh?  What?"  I guess there was one contingency I didn't think of... Candice listening to REM's song, Document.  - Mike

Our Engagement

The David Contingency

My best friend Dave had planned to meet us in Los Angeles with a congratulatory sign upon our arrival.  Unfortunately, he was unable to make it.  I had again prepared for all contingencies.  Knowing Candice's sense of humor, I warned Dave that she would ask him, "What would you have done if I had said no?"  He would have responded by turning around the "Congratulations" sign to reveal one which read, "Bummer she said no."  - Mike